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The Glass Frosting Film we offer adds a modern “chic” feel to any windows and due to our buying power we will beat any genuine quote…

Affordable Frosted Glass & Window Frosting Sydney Service - Office Frosting That Boosts Privacy Without Blocking Light

When you’re “Googling” Sydney Window Frosting Near Me for your commercial or residential Property, Our Glass Frosting Film Service is what you’re looking for, its a chic solution to your privacy problems? Our window frosting services could be the answer. For a fraction of the cost of replacing the glass, we’ll apply a frosted film to your window – giving you the privacy you need at the price you want.

At Sydney Tint Solutions, we’ve been tinting properties for more than 36 years. Whether you need glass frosted film for your home or business office, trust the only Accredited Master Installer in Sydney to get the job done!


Frosted Window Film

For all of our projects, we use only the highest quality window films. We’re proud to carry leading makes such as 3M, Metamark, Johnsons, and other top brands from Europe and the USA.

In fact, there’s more to our range of films than meets the eyes. When you choose Sydney Glass Tint Solutions, you won’t just gain a chic new look for your windows. Our long-lasting products also come with a variety of great benefits.

What Sets Our Sydney Window Frosting Film Apart From The Rest?

  • Scratch-resistant coating to prevent wear and tear
  • Protect you from harmful UV rays (without blocking natural light)
  • Decorative options that still provide privacy
  • Exclusive manufacturer-backed warranty
  • Multipurpose day-and-night privacy films available

Boost Privacy Without Blocking Light With Our Window Frosting

Want to blur your office boardrooms or make it harder for people to peer inside your home? Quick fixes such as curtains and blinds might protect your privacy, but they also block your natural light. What’s more, they can add unnecessary bulk to your windows – making small rooms appear even smaller. Our privacy frosting film is a perfect choice. Applied directly onto your glass, privacy film will obscure the view through your frosting windows without blocking the light. This makes for an elegant solution that enhances the look of any office partitions or room in your home.

Strengthen Your Security & Safety With Our Frosted Glass Film in Sydney

Are you worried an intruder could break in through your glass door? You probably think of installing burglar alarms or stronger locks as ways of upping your security. But with our high-quality window films, you’ll benefit from a range of vital safety features as well as better privacy. Made from a tear-resistant adhesive, frosted film makes it much harder for someone to break into your property. If they try to smash your window, the film contains safety strips that will hold the shards of glass together, successfully preventing them from gaining access. This feature can also protect you from cutting yourself on sharp glass if your window breaks accidentally.

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Cost-Effective & Mess-Free

A genuine frosted window might look appealing, but installing one will come at a price. Not only is frosted glass expensive, but you’ll also have to pay for your existing window to be removed. This process is costly, time-consuming, and incredibly wasteful of resources!

At Sydney Tint Solutions, we believe there’s no need to throw away a perfectly good window to achieve the benefits of frosted glass. Our window frosting Sydney wide services are an affordable and mess-free alternative.

Window Frosting Options

To measure your window and install your choice of glass frosting, one of our expert technicians will travel to your home or business office at no extra charge in Sydney. From your free quote to the final fitting, we’ve worked hard to make the process as affordable for you as possible.

Received a better quote for privacy window film elsewhere? We promise to match any genuine quote from a reputable competitor!

Improve Your Comfort

Anyone who’s ever sat in a hot office will know it’s not a pleasant experience. The same goes for those corners of your home that always trap the heat.

When the sun is streaming through your window, it can seem as though you have to choose between letting in the light and blocking the heat. But with our Frost window film, you can have the best of both worlds.

Some of our glass frosting products have thermal properties. This means that frosted window film can increase your insulation, filtering out heat to eliminate uncomfortable hot spots in your home or business office.

Save Money On Your Bills

Our frosted window film privacy won’t just boost your privacy – it could even boost your bank account. According to figures from 3M, a big name in the industry, the right film could pay for itself in as little as three years! This is thanks to the energy savings that quality films can help you make.

We stock window frosting options from some of the best manufacturers in the world. Want to find out more about our range? Let us know your name and question by filling in our online contact form today!

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At Sydney Tint Solutions, our dedication sets us apart. We’re the only Accredited Master Installer in the city and pride ourselves on providing a service that’s friendly, flawless, and affordable.

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