American Standard Window Film

American Standard Window Film: An Overview of Their Architectural and Safety Films


Looking for a way to improve your home or office’s energy efficiency? Look no further than American Standard Window Film. With a wide range of architectural and safety films, ASWF has been in the business for years and continues to innovate with new technology. Learn more about their products when you speak to Sydney Tint Solutions, and what differentiates them from other window film manufacturers.

Introduction to American Standard Window Film

American Standard Window Film (ASWF) is a reputable manufacturer that produces various window films for residential or for the commercial office space use. Established in 1985, ASWF has been providing high-quality products to improve energy efficiency, reduce glare, and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of homes and offices. Their product line includes automotive, architectural, and safety films suitable for various applications.

ASWF’s Erickson Architectural Series provides solutions for improved energy efficiency and safety measures without sacrificing natural light presence.

One of their popular ranges is Erickson Architectural Series which offers high-performance solutions such as solar control film, Low-E film, and security film with shatter-resistant properties. For homeowners looking to improve energy efficiency and reduce utility bills or businesses seeking improved safety measures without sacrificing natural light presence- American Standard Window Film’s series provides an effective solution. ASWF aims to expand its reach in the next five years by increasing production capacity while maintaining quality standards across all product lines.


Company Background

American Standard Window Film (ASWF) was founded in 1990 by Robert Erickson to provide high-quality window films for both automotive and commercial use. The company has since expanded its product line to include a range of architectural and safety films for homes and businesses. ASWF is dedicated to producing energy-efficient products that provide comfort, protection, privacy, and style.

American Standard Window Film’s mission is to empower customers with eco-friendly solutions that enhance their quality of life. Their values include customer satisfaction through innovation, sustainability through responsible manufacturing practices, and honesty in each interaction they have with clients. Over the years, ASWF has received multiple recognitions, such as being named a Top 100 Small Business by for several years.

In the future, American Standard Window Film aims to continue expanding its reach in the industry with innovative solutions that meet evolving market needs while maintaining its commitment to quality products backed by exceptional customer service.

Range of Window Films

American Standard offers a wide range of window films that cater to homeowners and businesses. Their window films provide many benefits, including energy efficiency, safety, and architectural enhancements. Here’s an overview of their popular products:

  • Benefits of using American Standard window film for energy efficiency: reduce heat gain and glare while improving insulation
  • Types of architectural films offered by American Standard, including their features and benefits: frosted glass effect for privacy or branding purposes; decorative options with different patterns or textures; anti-graffiti coatings
  • Types of safety films offered by American Standard, including their features and benefits: protect against shattering due to break-ins or natural disasters; improve security in automotive or commercial settings

Whether you’re looking to save on electricity bills at home or add a layer of protection for your business assets, American Standard has the right window film for you.


View their range of window films here

Architectural Window Films

American Standard Window Film offers a range of high-quality architectural window films that benefit homeowners and businesses. These films can improve energy efficiency by reducing heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter, minimizing glare and protecting furnishings from fading. Additionally, they offer increased privacy without sacrificing natural light.

American Standard Window Film produces several types of architectural window films, including solar control, decorative, safety & security, and Low-E (low emissivity) films. Each type serves a unique purpose, but all are designed to enhance the windows’ performance while improving their aesthetics. Whether you’re looking to reduce your energy bills or add an extra layer of protection to your property’s windows, American Standard has a solution.

Features and Benefits

Reduce your energy bills with American Standard Window Film. Our films are designed to reduce heat transfer, keeping your home or office cooler and reducing the energy needed for air conditioning. In addition, our films block harmful UV rays that can cause fading and damage to furniture, art, and carpets.

Improve safety with reinforced glass that reduces shattering in case of breakage. At American Standard Window Film, we understand the importance of creating a safe environment for you and your loved ones. Our films also enhance privacy by providing tinted or frosted options to keep prying eyes out while letting in natural light. Choose American Standard Window Film for improved energy efficiency, safety features, and added privacy benefits.

Types of Architectural Window Films

Solar control, decoration, and safety & security are the three main types of architectural window films offered by American Standard Window Film. Each type serves a different purpose in improving energy efficiency at home or in an office building while providing additional benefits such as privacy, aesthetic appeal or protection against natural disasters and break-ins.

  • Solar Control Films: Maximize heat reduction to lower energy costs during hot weather.
  • Decorative Films: Add aesthetic value to any space while ensuring occupants’ privacy.
  • Safety & Security Films: Provide extra protection against intruders and shattering glass due to accidents or natural disasters.


Safety Window Films

American Standard Window Film offers a range of safety window films that protect against various hazards. These films are designed to hold the glass in place during breakage, reducing the risk of injury from flying shards. In addition to protecting occupants, these safety films can deter intruders and reduce damage from natural disasters.

ASWF’s safety window film options include clear and tinted versions and those with additional features such as UV protection and energy efficiency. Regardless of the specific type chosen, all ASWF’s safety films meet industry standards for impact resistance and have been rigorously tested to ensure their effectiveness in real-world situations.


Features and Benefits

With American Standard Window Film, reduce your energy costs by up to 30%. Our window films are designed to reduce the heat transferred through glass, keeping your rooms cooler in summer and reducing the need for air conditioning. Additionally, our films block harmful UV rays that can damage furnishings and fabrics over time.

Improve privacy while maintaining natural light with American Standard Window Film. Our range of architectural films offers varying opacity levels without sacrificing natural light transmission. These films also increase shatter resistance and safety, as they hold glass together if it breaks, reducing the risk of injury from flying shards. And finally, our window film reduces glare for improved comfort in any room at any time of day or night.

Types of Safety Window Films

Security window film is a great solution for those looking to protect themselves from break-ins and forced entry. These films offer added protection by strengthening the glass, making it more difficult for intruders to break in. Anti-graffiti film is another type of safety window film that protects against vandalism and damage. This allows businesses and homeowners to easily remove unwanted graffiti or scratches without replacing the entire window.

For those living in areas prone to explosions or harsh weather conditions, “bomb blast” films are designed specifically with their safety in mind. These specialized films prevent injury during an explosion by holding shattered glass together, creating a protective barrier between individuals and dangerous debris. No matter your specific needs, American Standard Window Film has various options available to keep you safe and secure while also improving energy efficiency within your home or office space.

Future of American Standard Window Film

Advancements in energy-efficient technology have allowed American Standard Window Film to provide a cost-effective solution for homeowners and businesses looking to improve their energy efficiency. Their films can reduce up to 79% of solar heat gain, significantly saving cooling costs. Additionally, the films block harmful UV rays that fade furniture and flooring.

American Standard Window Film is also at the forefront of emerging trends in architectural and safety films. Their films are available in various colours and designs, providing an aesthetic appeal while maintaining privacy. As for safety, the company offers a shatter-resistant film that holds glass together upon impact during severe weather or break-ins.

The innovative features of American Standard Window Film include their proprietary adhesive system, which provides durability without distortion or bubbling over time. They also offer custom-cut sizes that fit individual windows perfectly, reducing installation time and waste material. Furthermore, all products come with extended warranties giving customers peace of mind knowing they made a wise investment in improving their home or office’s energy efficiency and safety measures through high-quality window film solutions from American Standard. Window Film


How long does American Standard Window Film last?

American Standard Window Film (ASWF) is a high-quality manufacturer of window films that can last up to 15 years or longer, depending on the type of film and the environmental conditions it is exposed to. The film’s durability depends on factors such as the quality of installation, the amount of direct sunlight the film receives, and the amount of wear and tear it experiences over time.

ASWF offers a wide range of films designed to improve energy efficiency, reduce glare, and enhance privacy and security. Their films are made from advanced materials, such as ceramic and metal, which provide superior heat reduction and glare control while allowing natural light to enter the room.

In addition to its high-quality products, ASWF is known for their exceptional customer service and support. They have an extensive network of authorized dealers and installers who can provide expert guidance and installation services to ensure that your window film is applied correctly and will last many years.

While the cost of ASWF window film may be higher than some other brands, the long-term benefits of improved energy efficiency and reduced energy costs make it a worthwhile investment for homeowners and businesses. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, ASWF is a trusted leader in the window film industry and is poised for continued growth and success in the years to come.