Spectrally Selective Film

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The latest trend in the world of window tint is the Infra-Red reduction Spectrally Selective Film, a little more about this is below.

It can be used in Residential Applications seen here or Commercial Office Applications seen here,  throughout Sydney, We see a real need in providing a reduction to the cost-of-living i.e., energy bills for the client. Suntek, Hanita, and ASWF are offering the best return on investment with these high-tech window films with other manufacturers getting left behind. Do you want to consult one of our experts? Contact us today.

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Moving forward as an example of our product’s affordability, we can supply and install this latest spectrally selective film to two separate bedroom windows approximately 1.2 meters x 2 meters each for around $250. Its strengths as a window film are its ability to offer better Solar Energy Reductions and higher infra-red heat reduction, much better longevity, and enjoying a Manufacturer Backed Lifetime Warranty when purchased through us.

Spectrally Selective window film offers a robust composition designed for the Aussie climate and can be cleaned with any household glass cleaner which is a testament to their strength and integrity.

Also offering some heat retention internally for year-round performance at about 40 % of the installation price of other infra-red films on offer elsewhere. The benefits and features of our Spectrally Selective Film are many. Most advanced solar performance, including high infrared, heat, and UV rejection. Barely visible, elegant in appearance. Non-corrosive, all-metal raw materials that eliminate the need for edge sealing. The Lowest interior and exterior reflectivity, the view of the outside is unaltered

Available for both external and internal installations, Sydney Tint Solutions Exclusive Manufacturer Backed Lifetime Warranty. Installed or overseen by the only Accredited Master Installer in Sydney.


Glass can be a real hazard in the domestic home when broken from accidents, storms, or break-ins, when we apply the correct window film it can hold the glass together making it more difficult to break & enter.

Finally, a practically undetectable window film specifically manufactured for apartment living. Blocks 53% of the sun’s heat. Keeping your home significantly more comfortable. Elegant, strata-friendly neutral appearance which doesn’t alter your view of the outside.

Blocks over 99% damaging UV rays, keeping your upholstery, carpet, and window treatments like new.  Exclusive manufacturers, lifetime warranty.

No other supplier on the market can match the favourable combination of visible light transmission with low reflection, high heat rejection, and price as offered by these spectrally selective window films from Sydney Tint Solutions.

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