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Do all Window Films cut Energy Bills ?
The Window Film Sydney Tint have sourced is the fastest payback of any building product you can put in a house or building. Window Tint can also cut out a substantial portion of the heat load of your air conditioner, thus cutting down on the run time, the amount of heat that has to be overcome, glass film reduces utility bills and adds years to the life of your air conditioner.

What is Window Film ?
Window film is made up of alternating layers of a polyester polymer and a laminating adhesive. Depending on the specific type of tint, the polyester layer may be dyed, metalized, coated with an ultra violet inhibitor, extruded or simply added for additional strength. Metalized Film is generally known as high performance and gives the Film its color and greater heat reduction capability.

How can Glass Film protect my privacy ?

  • Gain privacy in your bedroom or bathroom and throughout your home with our frosted or privacy film.
  • Decorative, opaque and frosted film is a perfect way to create privacy in your office also.
  • Reflective solar control film acts like a mirror shielding people from looking into your home.
  • Gain privacy whilst still enjoying your view with our low reflective solar film which is the most popular glass tint in our range for domestic homes.

How does Window Tint improve safety ?
If the glass were to break, and a safety or security film were installed it will bind the dangerous shards together. Most window film is available in specially designed safety versions. These products are specifically designed to mitigate the dangers of broken glass resulting from everything from hurricanes and tornadoes to a stray ball.

How long should glass film last ?
The effective life of window tint will vary by the type of window film, window construction, direction of aspect of the tinted windows whether they receive only morning or afternoon sun or all day Northern exposure. In realistic terms you should expect to get 15 to 20 years service out of Tint and with technology getting better and better Sydney Tint are offering Manufacturer Backed Lifetime Warranty’s with particular manufacturers product, now that’s peace of mind.

Is it easy to clean glass which has film applied ?
Yes You clean a tinted window in the same way you would clean the original glass. No special cleaning products or techniques are required. A soft cloth and standard household window cleaner are at all that’s needed to keep your glass tint looking and performing flawlessly for years. The availability of Sydney Tint using the toughest scratch resistant coatings as a standard feature of quality tint that has virtually eliminated the need for extra special precautions in cleaning.

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How long does the average application take ?
Glass Film for your home or office can vary greatly depending on whether ladders or scaffolding is required for access to glass up high or simple easy installation for a couple of windows down low. It is always explained clearly to our customers as to how long their individual job may take. We definitely don’t believe in rushing work.