Safety Stickers For Glass | AS1428.1

Safety Stickers For Glass

Are you aware of the constantly updating Legal requirements of Safety Stickers for Glass in your office/building/retail outlet with regards to AS 1428.1 compliance? We often see incorrect Glass Awareness Stickers fitted at the wrong height according to AS-1428.1 Australia Standards that need updating to comply with the latest window safety film requirements.


Installation of Safety Sticker For Glass

Something to think about, I see far too often is if you have the incorrect safety stickers for glass installed by someone who does not specialise in this and is not up to speed with constantly changing compliance requirements, you will have to remove & replace all the safety strips to acquire certification.

The most common problem created here is if the strips are fitted to Comfort Plus glass, it is inevitable the installer will scratch the glass upon removal of Film, therefore pushing your completion date back with the burden of replacement of all the glazing.

We install 100’s Lineal Metres of Safety Stickers for Glass Doors fitted every month for our Commercial Clients, give us a try on your next installation, we don’t disappoint.

Building Code – AS1428.1 – 2009, Design for access and mobility

Clause 6.6 of AS 1428.1 regards “visual indicators on glazing’, or manifestations.

This clause calls for all frame-less or fully glazed doors, sidelights and glazing that could be mistaken for a door or opening to be “clearly marked for their full width with a solid and non-transparent contrasting line.” The line must be at least 75 mm wide and extend across the entire width of the glazing. The lower edge of the contrasting line must be between 900 mm and 1000 mm above the plane of the finished floor level.

The contrasting line must provide a minimum of 30% luminance contrast. To properly ensure adequate luminous contrast you must obtain a copy of the standard and consult appendix B. The justification for the luminous contrast requirement is to ensure the marking band ‘sticks out’ and doesn’t blend into the background on the other side of the door – it ensures a high contrast between the band and the view/light level on the other side of the door.

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