Curl Curl

Curl Curl Beach: The Best Spot for Picnic and Ocean Views


Curl Curl Beach is a perfect spot for picnics and ocean views. Located in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Australia, it attracts both locals and tourists with its golden sand, crystal clear waters and stunning scenery. Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach or participate in water activities such as surfing or swimming, this beach has something for everyone. Read on to discover what makes Curl Curl Beach one of the best beaches in Sydney.

Location of Curl Curl Beach

Curl Curl Beach is located in the northern suburbs of Sydney. It is situated between Dee Why Beach and Freshwater Beach, making it easily accessible from both directions. The beach is known for its consistent surf break and stunning ocean views.

To get to Curl Curl Beach, you can take public transport or drive your car. Several bus routes stop near the beach, as well as a large parking lot if you choose to drive. Once you arrive at the beach, there are plenty of picnic areas and BBQ facilities available for use.

Whether you’re a local looking for a spot to relax on the weekends or a tourist wanting to experience one of Sydney’s best beaches, Curl Curl has something for everyone. With its prime location and breathtaking scenery, it’s no wonder why this beach draws visitors year-round.

Description of Curl Curl Beach

The origin of the name Curl Curl is believed to come from the Aboriginal word “curial,” which means river of life. This North Sydney beach is located between Freshwater and Dee Why, offering stunning views of both headlands. Its surroundings include dunes, rock pools, and vegetation that provide a natural habitat for local wildlife.

Curl Curl Beach is named after an Aboriginal word that means “river of life.”

Curl Curl Beach offers a range of amenities that cater to all types of visitors. There are picnic areas with barbecues available for public use, as well as surfboard rentals and showers to rinse off after a swim in the ocean. The beach also has lifeguards on duty during peak season hours to ensure everyone’s safety while enjoying their time at this beautiful spot on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Activities at Curl Curl Beach

Curl Curl Beach is an ideal spot for picnicking with family and friends. Its vast green space, equipped with BBQ facilities, makes it a perfect location for outdoor activities. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful ocean views while having lunch or playing games in the grassy area.

For those who love surfing, Curl Curl Beach provides some of the best waves in Sydney. The beach has consistent swells that attract surfers from all over the city. With two sections (North and South), surfers can choose which area to ride based on their skill level and preference.

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Picnicking at Curl Curl Beach

Choosing the perfect spot for your picnic at Curl Curl Beach can make all the difference in your experience. Look for a spot with shade to avoid being exposed to direct sunlight. Aim for an area close enough to hear the sound of waves crashing but not too close where you risk getting wet from high tide. Consider choosing a location with established facilities such as picnic tables, BBQ grills, and restrooms.

When packing for a beach picnic at Curl Curl Beach, keep in mind that it’s essential to bring sunscreen, towels, hats, and plenty of water. Food-wise opt for easy-to-transport containers or sandwiches and snacks like fruit or cheese platters that won’t spoil quickly. Don’t forget utensils and napkins!

If you’re looking for local food options near Curl Curl Beach, there are plenty of cafes nearby offering fresh seafood dishes like fish & chips or prawn rolls. Alternatively, pack some barbeque meat and veggies sourced from local shops if you plan on using one of the park’s available BBQs!

Surfing at Curl Curl Beach

Curl Curl Beach is a popular destination for surfing enthusiasts. With its crystal-clear waters and consistent waves, it offers an ideal spot for surfers of all skill levels. Below are some key points to keep in mind when planning your next visit:

  • The best time to catch the waves at Curl Curl Beach is during the autumn and winter months, especially early mornings or late afternoons.
  • If you’re new to surfing, there are beginner-friendly lessons available from local instructors in the area that offer a safe and fun way to learn the basics.
  • There are several surf shops near the beach where you can rent equipment or purchase gear if needed.

Whether you’re looking for adventure or just want to soak up some sun on the beautiful sandy beaches, Curl Curl Beach has something for everyone!

Swimming at Curl Curl Beach

When swimming at Curl Curl Beach, it’s important to keep a few water safety tips in mind. Always swim between the flags and avoid swimming alone or after drinking alcohol. Additionally, be aware of local marine life you may encounter while swimming such as jellyfish and sharks. While rare, it’s always best to stay alert and cautious when enjoying the ocean.

Families can rest easy knowing that there are lifeguards on duty at Curl Curl Beach during peak season, ensuring a safe environment for all swimmers. Restrooms are also available on-site making it convenient for families with young children. With these family-friendly amenities combined with stunning ocean views, Curl Curl Beach is the perfect spot for a day by the sea!

Best Time to Visit Curl Curl Beach

Curl Curl Beach is a stunning destination all year round. The summer months offer warm and sunny weather, making it the perfect time for swimming, sunbathing, and beach activities. However, if you’re looking to avoid crowds and enjoy some peace while taking in the ocean views, then winter is the best time to visit Curl Curl Beach. The crisp air combined with dramatic waves creates an incredibly peaceful atmosphere for those who want to escape from the city’s hustle-bustle. No matter what time of year you choose to visit this beautiful location on Sydney’s northern beaches, you won’t be disappointed!

Summer at Curl Curl Beach

Curl Curl Beach is the perfect spot for a summer getaway. This beach has something for everyone, from swimming and surfing to beach volleyball and sunbathing. You can also enjoy various facilities such as showering facilities, picnic areas, BBQs, and playgrounds.

When it comes to finding the best ocean views at Curl Curl Beach, head to the southern end of the beach near Carrington Parade. Here you’ll find stunning panoramic views of both North and South Curl Curl beaches.

For those looking for a picturesque picnic spot, nestled amongst dunes with breathtaking ocean views – choose south between Dee Why Headland Reserve or North towards Freshwater’s Harbord Diggers Club where there are shaded grassy areas perfect for an afternoon of relaxation. Don’t forget to bring your food or visit one of the many cafes nearby!

Winter at Curl Curl Beach

Winter at Curl Curl Beach offers a serene and peaceful atmosphere for those looking to escape the hustle of everyday life. Although temperatures can drop, there are still plenty of activities to enjoy in the winter months.

What to do during winter months:

  • Take scenic walks along the beachfront
  • Go on a whale-watching tour
  • Join a local surf school for winter surfing lessons
  • Explore nearby nature reserves

Surfing conditions and hazards:

The ocean waters at Curl Curl Beach can be unpredictable during the colder months with strong rips being common, so it’s essential to take proper safety precautions before entering the water.

Cozy cafes and restaurants nearby:

After an exhilarating day out in the cold, warm up with some delicious food or coffee from one of several cozy cafes or restaurants located near Curl Curl Beach.

  • Sip on hot chocolate while enjoying breathtaking ocean views at The Breakers Cafe
  • Treat yourself to freshly baked cakes and pastries from Cooh Organic Café
  • Indulge in authentic Italian cuisine served by friendly staff at Gusto by Trattoria la Vigna.

Facilities and Amenities at Curl Curl Beach

Curl Curl Beach boasts a range of facilities and amenities, making it the perfect spot for a day out with family and friends. The beach is equipped with clean and well-maintained toilets, ensuring that visitors have access to hygienic restroom facilities throughout their visit. Additionally, there are showers available at the beach which provide a refreshing rinse after a dip in the ocean.

For those who enjoy cooking outdoors, Curl Curl Beach offers several barbecue pits that can be reserved free of charge on weekdays or weekends for a small fee. Visitors can bring their own food or purchase ingredients from nearby stores to cook up delicious meals by the sea. Finally, ample parking is available at designated areas near the beachfront so you don’t have to worry about finding space for your vehicle while visiting this popular destination.

Toilets at Curl Curl Beach

Located near Sydney, Curl Curl Beach is a popular destination known for its stunning ocean views and relaxing atmosphere. The beach boasts modern amenities that make it an ideal spot to enjoy a picnic or take a dip in the water. There are several toilet facilities situated along the beach, ensuring visitors have access to clean and well-maintained restrooms at all times.

There are multiple toilets available at Curl Curl Beach, spread out along different areas of the coastline to ensure easy accessibility. These facilities feature accessible stalls designed with extra space for people with disabilities and improved handrails for support. Additionally, there are baby-changing stations located inside each bathroom block so parents can attend to their children’s needs comfortably.

Showers at Curl Curl Beach

The availability of hot water showers at Curl Curl Beach is a convenient amenity for beachgoers who want to cool off from the scorching sun. Visitors can rinse off sand and saltwater before heading back home or having a picnic with friends and family. The shower facilities are easily accessible, with six locations along the beach.

The Northern Beaches Council ensures that all shower facilities are well-maintained, clean, and functioning correctly. Here’s what you need to know about showers at Curl Curl Beach:

  • Availability of hot water in all shower facilities
  • Six locations for shower facilities throughout the beach
  • Regular maintenance schedules to keep all showers working effectively

As an expert on beaches in Sydney’s North Shore area, we recommend visiting this beautiful spot early during weekdays to enjoy nature’s blissful ocean views minus the crowd!

Barbecues at Curl Curl Beach

Looking for a relaxing day out at Curl Curl Beach? Reserve one of the many barbecue areas available to visitors. Each spot comes equipped with tables and chairs, making it easy to enjoy a meal with family and friends while taking in ocean views. Availability can be checked online or by contacting the park directly.

While there is no cost to use the barbecues themselves, visitors will need to bring their cooking utensils and food. Additionally, parking fees may apply depending on the time of year and day of the week. Overall, Curl Curl Beach offers an ideal location for picnics that includes everything you’ll need for a great outing!

Parking at Curl Curl Beach

If you’re planning a visit to Curl Curl Beach, it’s important to know the parking situation before you go. There are several car parks available at the beach, with a total of more than 700 spaces. However, during peak season and on weekends, these spots can fill up quickly. It’s best to arrive early if you want to snag a spot close to the beach.

There is limited street parking available around Curl Curl Beach as well, but be sure to check any signage for restrictions or time limits before leaving your car there. Additionally, there are bus routes that run near the beach for those who prefer public transportation. Overall, with some planning ahead and flexibility in arrival times or modes of transportation, finding parking at this wonderful destination should not be an issue!


In conclusion, Curl Curl Beach offers a perfect blend of scenic beauty and picnic spots. The serene ocean views along with the lush green parks provide an ideal location for spending quality time with family and friends. With easily accessible amenities like barbecue areas, showers, and restrooms, it is no wonder why this beach has become a popular destination among locals and tourists alike.

Additionally, the variety of activities available at Curl Curl Beach makes it an excellent choice for everyone. Whether you want to take a dip in the sea or try your hand at surfing on one of its many surf breaks, there’s always something to do here. So head over to Curl Curl Beach today and experience all that it has to offer!

What facilities are available at Curl Curl Beach?

Curl Curl Beach, located in the suburb of North Curl Curl in Sydney, Australia, is a popular destination for beachgoers and surfers alike. The beach is a long stretch of sand, spanning 1.2 kilometers, and offers a variety of facilities for visitors.

One of the main attractions at Curl Curl Beach is the rockpool, which is a great spot for swimmers and families with young children. The rockpool is located at the southern end of the beach and offers a safe and sheltered swimming area.

In addition to the rockpool, Curl Curl Beach also has a number of other facilities for visitors to enjoy. These include:

– Lifeguards: Lifeguards are on duty at Curl Curl Beach during the summer months (from September to April) to ensure the safety of all beachgoers.

– Toilets and showers: There are public toilets and showers available at the beach, as well as facilities for people with disabilities.

– BBQ and picnic areas: There are several BBQ and picnic areas located near the beach, which are perfect for relaxing with friends and family.

– Surfing: Curl Curl Beach is a popular spot for surfers, with good waves for both beginners and experienced surfers. There are also several surf schools in the area for those looking to learn how to surf.

– Cafes and shops: There are a number of cafes and shops located near the beach, where visitors can grab a bite to eat or purchase beach gear and souvenirs

What is the best time of year to visit Curl Curl Beach?

Curl Curl Beach is a popular destination for visitors seeking a serene and relaxing holiday. Situated in the Northern Beaches region of Sydney, the beach offers a plethora of activities that cater to all interests, from swimming to surfing and rock pooling.

The best time to visit Curl Curl Beach is during the summer months of December to February when the weather is warm, and the water temperature is perfect for swimming. However, this is also the peak season, and the beach can get crowded, so it is essential to arrive early to secure a good spot on the sand.

Another ideal time to visit is during the shoulder season of autumn, from March to May. The weather is still warm, and the water temperature remains pleasant, making it a great time for water activities. The crowds are lesser, and the accommodation prices are lower, making it a perfect time for budget-conscious travelers.

Winter, from June to August, is not the ideal time for swimming, but the beach’s beautiful scenery and the rock pool at the northern end of the beach make it a great destination for a relaxing stroll. The weather is mild, and the crowds are fewer, making it a great time for a peaceful and relaxing getaway.

In conclusion, the best time to visit Curl Curl Beach depends on your preferences and interests. If you want to enjoy swimming and water activities, summer and autumn are the best seasons, while winter is perfect for those who seek a serene and peaceful holiday. Whatever your preference, Curl Curl Beach offers a Curl Curl Beach is a year-round destination that offers a great variety of activities for visitors From surfing and swimming to rock pooling and picn, the beach caters to all interests. In addition to the picnic areas near the beach, visitors can also enjoy the scenic rockpool located at the northern end of the beach. This unique feature offers a serene experience, perfect for those seeking a peaceful holiday.

For those looking for a longer stay, the nearby suburb of North Curl Curl offers several accommodation options, including holiday homes and apartments. These properties allow visitors to fully immerse themselves in the beach lifestyle and enjoy all the activities and sights the area has to offer.

Overall, Curl Curl Beach is the perfect destination for those seeking a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. With its pristine ocean views, variety of activities, and nearby accommodation options, it is a must-visit spot for anyone planning a beach getaway.