Bellevue Hill

Bellevue Hill: A Harbourside Jewel in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs


Nestled in the heart of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Bellevue Hill is a coveted harbourside suburb known for its luxurious homes, breathtaking views and proximity to some of the city’s best amenities. The area boasts stunning natural beauty with leafy streets and gently rolling hills leading down to picturesque waterfront parks and beaches. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what makes Bellevue Hill one of Sydney’s most sought-after locations for homeowners and visitors alike.

Overview of Bellevue Hill

Bellevue Hill is a prestigious harbourside suburb located in Sydney’s highly coveted Eastern Suburbs. This picturesque area boasts stunning views of the ocean and the city skyline, making it a popular choice for luxury real estate buyers. The suburb is also home to several beautiful parks, including Cooper Park and Bellevue Park, which offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. Despite its exclusive reputation, Bellevue Hill has a diverse population that includes both families and young professionals, with many residents drawn to its excellent schools and convenient location near the CBD.

Location and History

Bellevue Hill, situated in Sydney’s affluent eastern suburbs, is a harbourside jewel that boasts stunning geographical features. It is located on the southern slopes of Sydney Harbour and offers breathtaking views of the city skyline and harbour. The area was originally inhabited by the Cadigal people before European settlement in 1788. Early settlers were drawn to Bellevue Hill for its lush greenery, clean air, and proximity to Bondi Beach.

Today, Bellevue Hill is home to some of Australia’s most expensive real estate properties with notable landmarks such as Cooper Park which provides ample space for recreational activities like picnics or walking pets. One can also visit historic Hermitage Foreshore Reserve where one can explore remnants of an 1800s mansion constructed out of sandstone overlooking Shark Beach.

Population and Demographics

Bellevue Hill, situated in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, is a harbourside jewel with a current population of approximately 10,000 residents. The age group representation in the area primarily consists of young professionals and families, with a smaller percentage being retirees. Cultural diversity is also prominent in Bellevue Hill, with various ethnic groups residing within the suburb.

The high demand for real estate in Bellevue Hill can be attributed to its proximity to popular attractions such as Bondi Beach and Centennial Park. Despite having one of the highest median house prices in Sydney, many individuals are drawn to this prestigious suburb due to its picturesque views and luxurious lifestyle.

Real Estate in Bellevue Hill

Bellevue Hill is a highly sought-after harbourside suburb in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, known for its stunning views, prestigious properties and lush green surroundings. The housing market in Bellevue Hill remains strong with consistent demand from affluent buyers seeking luxury homes in prime locations. Property prices have remained stable over the past few years with an average house price of around $6 million and apartments averaging around $2 million.

The types of properties available in Bellevue Hill vary from grand mansions to modern apartment complexes. Many homes offer panoramic views of the harbour or overlook beautiful private gardens. Architectural styles range from classic Federation to contemporary designs that utilize sleek lines and open living spaces. Some notable real estate listings include grand heritage homes on Victoria Road, designer apartments on Birriga Road, and spacious family residences on Drumalbyn Road.

Housing Market and Property Prices

The current state of the housing market in Bellevue Hill remains strong. Despite recent economic challenges, the demand for properties in this harbourside suburb has remained high. One of the main factors affecting property prices is its proximity to Sydney’s CBD and beaches, making it a highly desirable location for families and professionals alike.

Over the last few years, there has been a steady increase in property values within Bellevue Hill. With limited supply and high demand, properties have been selling quickly at premium prices. However, with changing economic conditions and fluctuations in interest rates, future trends are difficult to predict accurately.

Overall though, Bellevue Hill continues to offer exceptional value for those looking to invest or purchase their dream home by Sydney Harbour.

Types of Properties Available

Bellevue Hill has a diverse range of properties available for purchase or rent, including houses and apartments. Each property type has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, appealing to different lifestyles and preferences.

Pros of Buying a House in Bellevue Hill:

  • More space for families or those who desire more privacy
  • Opportunity for outdoor living areas such as a backyard or pool
  • Potential for greater capital appreciation

Cons of Buying an Apartment in Bellevue Hill:

  • Limited outdoor space
  • Strata fees may apply
  • Less control over building maintenance decisions

Distinctive Architectural Styles Unique to this Suburb:

Bellevue Hill is known for its grandiose homes showcasing various architectural styles such as Victorian, Art Deco, Mediterranean Revival, and Georgian. These distinctive styles add character to the suburb’s landscape and offer homebuyers unique options when choosing their dream home.

In conclusion, whether you prefer the spaciousness of a house or the convenience of an apartment lifestyle, Bellevue Hill offers plenty of choices with beautiful architecture that sets it apart from other suburbs in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

Notable Real Estate Listings in Bellevue Hill

Highlighting some premium properties currently on the market, there are several exclusive real estate listings in Bellevue Hill that boast luxurious amenities and features. For instance, a stunning waterfront mansion with breathtaking harbour views is currently listed for $30 million. The property spans over 2,000 square metres and includes a private jetty, heated pool and spa, tennis court and numerous living areas designed for entertaining guests.

In addition to modern-day luxury features, there is also rich history behind some notable houses that have recently sold in Bellevue Hill. One such example is ‘Rona’, an iconic Gothic Revival house that was built in 1883 by merchant Charles Fairfax. The house changed hands for $60 million in 2018 after being owned by the same family since it was built. Its grandeur architecture has been preserved throughout its years of ownership making it one of Sydney’s most significant heritage homes.

Attractions and Amenities in Bellevue Hill

Bellevue Hill offers a variety of attractions and amenities to suit every taste. The suburb boasts several parks, including the lush Cooper Park, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a peaceful escape from city life. Additionally, Bellevue Hill residents can enjoy swimming or kayaking in the sparkling waters of Double Bay.

For those looking to indulge in some retail therapy or fine dining experiences, there are plenty of options available in the area. Bellevue Road features an array of high-end boutiques and restaurants offering exquisite cuisine.

Overall, Bellevue Hill is a destination that has it all: stunning natural beauty combined with sophisticated urban conveniences. Whether you’re seeking exciting water sports activities or simply wish to relax amidst nature’s serenity, this harbourside jewel located in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs is sure to delight you at every turn!

Parks and Recreation

Bellevue Hill Reserve is a must-visit for hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Boasting panoramic views of the city, this popular spot offers a challenging yet rewarding experience for anyone looking to explore the great outdoors. In addition to Bellevue Hill Reserve, Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs are home to various parks and recreational areas that offer something for everyone.

Some notable parks in the area include:

  • Cooper Park: A tranquil park with walking trails, a playground, and picnic areas
  • McKell Park: A stunning harbourside park perfect for picnics and outdoor activities

Whether you’re looking to take in breathtaking scenery or enjoy some family-friendly fun, these parks are sure to provide an enjoyable outing. So why not lace up your hiking boots or pack a picnic basket and head out into nature? The possibilities are endless!

Harbourside Activities and Water Sports

Bellevue Hill is a harbourside jewel located in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, offering visitors and locals alike a wide range of activities to explore. If you’re looking for some fun on the water, check out these exciting options:

  • Sydney Harbour Boat Tours: Offering scenic tours of the harbour from Bellevue Hill
  • Kayaking at Rose Bay Beach: Hire a kayak or take lessons in this picturesque location on Sydney Harbour
  • Fishing Charters from Double Bay Wharf: Enjoy deep sea fishing charters departing just minutes away from Bellevue Hill

Whether you are interested in sightseeing, sports or leisure activities, there is something for everyone in this beautiful and vibrant area. Come discover all that Bellevue Hill has to offer!

Shopping and Dining

Vaucluse Village is a shopping precinct in Bellevue Hill that offers a variety of designer boutiques, cafes and restaurants. It’s the perfect place to indulge in some retail therapy or enjoy a leisurely brunch with friends. If you’re looking for artisan breads and pastries, The Grumpy Baker is the place to be. They specialize in sourdough breads and their pastries are simply divine.

Every Thursday, Double Bay Farmers Market comes alive with fresh produce from local farmers. From fruits to vegetables, cheeses and meats – you can find it all here! This market is an ideal spot for foodies who love cooking with farm-to-table ingredients or just want to grab something healthy on-the-go. Don’t miss out on this weekly event if you’re visiting Bellevue Hill!

Education and Schools

Cranbrook School in Bellevue Hill is an Anglican day school that offers boarding options. With a strong academic curriculum and a focus on character development, the school has established itself as one of the top educational institutions in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

The Scots College, located on Belgownie Avenue, is another independent day school worth considering for parents seeking quality education for their children. The school emphasizes sports and extracurricular activities alongside academic excellence to provide students with a well-rounded education.

Frensham School, situated on Range Street, is an all-girls boarding school that provides students with a unique learning experience. With its beautiful campus and emphasis on creativity and critical thinking skills, Frensham School stands out as one of the premier educational institutions in Australia.

Living in Bellevue Hill

Bellevue Hill is a highly sought-after suburb in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, known for its stunning harbourside views and luxurious properties. The area boasts an abundance of parks and reserves, offering residents plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. While it may come at a premium cost of living compared to other suburbs in the city, Bellevue Hill offers a high standard of living with easy access to some of Sydney’s best amenities.

One thing to consider when thinking about living in Bellevue Hill is transportation. Commuting can be time-consuming due to the suburb’s location on the outskirts of the city center. However, there are numerous public transport options available including buses and trains that make getting around much easier. Additionally, many people choose to walk or cycle around this picturesque neighbourhood as a way to stay active while taking in all that Bellevue Hill has to offer.

Pros and Cons of Living in Bellevue Hill

Bellevue Hill is an exclusive neighbourhood in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs known for its stunning harbour views and top-rated schools. However, there are also some drawbacks to living in this area.


  • Stunning harbour views
  • Exclusive neighbourhood
  • Top-rated schools


  • High cost of living
  • Limited public transport options
  • Lack of diversity

While the exclusivity and beautiful surroundings are definite pros, the high cost of living may be a deterrent for some individuals. Additionally, limited public transportation options can make commuting difficult without a car. Lastly, Bellevue Hill lacks diversity which may not appeal to those seeking a more multicultural community.

Overall, Bellevue Hill has much to offer for those looking for luxury living with breathtaking scenic views and access to top-tier education facilities; however it is important to consider the potential drawbacks before making any decisions about relocating to this area.

Cost of Living and Expenses

Bellevue Hill is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after suburbs in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. However, this exclusivity comes at a cost, with high property prices for both purchasing and renting. Additionally, dining and entertainment options in Bellevue Hill tend to be more expensive than those found in other locations throughout Sydney.

Furthermore, higher utility costs are also not uncommon here due to larger homes with luxury features such as swimming pools and air conditioning. While residents enjoy an upscale lifestyle that many can only dream of affording, it’s important to consider these increased expenses when budgeting for life in Bellevue Hill.

Transportation and Commuting

Limited public transportation options in Bellevue Hill mean that residents may have to rely on a car to get around. The few bus routes available service the area, but this can be inconvenient for those who need to travel frequently. Furthermore, narrow roads and heavy traffic congestion during peak hours can result in longer commute times by car.

Despite these challenges, Bellevue Hill is a walkable neighborhood with many local amenities easily accessible on foot. Residents can enjoy strolling through the tree-lined streets and visiting nearby shops and cafes without having to worry about parking or traffic delays. Overall, while transportation options may be limited in Bellevue Hill, its walkability offers an attractive alternative for those seeking convenience and accessibility within their community.

What is the population of Bellevue Hill?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the population of Bellevue Hill, a suburb located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, New South Wales, was recorded as 10,766 in the 2016 census. This affluent suburb is known for its grand homes and beautiful views of Sydney Harbour and the city skyline. If you are in the market for homes for sale in Bellevue Hill, it is important to work with a knowledgeable and experienced real estate agent who can guide you through the buying process and help you find the perfect property to suit your needs and lifestyle.