Mobile Window Tinting

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Mobile window tinting is much more than just dark windows and you will rarely see a car on the streets without tinting on the glass.  We at Sydney Tint Solutions have decades of experience in the space and are undoubtedly the leading window film installers in the city.Take a look at the benefits of mobile window tinting:

  • It is important to understand that factory-installed glass will not prevent these harmful rays from entering your car and harming your skin/ fading the interiors. When we install the mobile window tinting we use the best and the latest products to ensure that you and a large percentage of the UV rays do not filter in through the glass
  • The current day window film is very technologically advanced and the films we use have special coatings on them, which do not interfere with the different signals such as the ones used by mobile phone, radio, GPS etc. If you go to a mediocre company for tint installation, you might end up getting film that has heavy metal coatings which may interfere with these signals
  • Adding this film to your car windows is a great way of adding privacy to it. Any miscreant or thief will not be able to peer into your vehicle through the windows when it is parked somewhere
  • It also effectively protects the interiors of your car from fading. The sun’s rays can be very harsh and this film provides protection to cloth and leather seat covers and ends up saving you money in the long run
  • Since the tint keeps the interiors of the car much cooler, it does not stress the air conditioner. This means it adds to your comfort levels while you are driving and helps you save on gas mileage too. In addition, it will keep your arms and legs protected from the harsh rays of the sun

Choose the Best

The one thing you must keep in view at all times is that you should always opt for high quality mobile window tinting like the one we provide. Low quality film will crack and peel within a short time and you will have to get it replaced (which will double the cost).  But when you have us handling this job, you will never have to worry about the quality of the products or the installation.

We use the latest products and have the best installers in Sydney on our team and you are always assured of 100% customer satisfaction. Keep yourself and the interiors of your vehicle well protected from the sun, opt for the best mobile tinting in Sydney. Call Sydney Tint Solutions on 02 9541 2723 or contact us via this form.