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In terms of cost-effectiveness, Glass Safety Film stands out as the top solution for reinforcing glass in residential or commercial properties in Sydney. Offered by Sydney Tint Solutions, this product includes safety film and security film that consists of exceptionally durable polyester films bonded with specially formulated adhesives. These films not only meet but frequently surpass the safety standards set by the Australian building code AS2208.

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We Offer The Best Glass Safety Window Film In Sydney

Sydney Tint Solutions supply and install only the strongest glass safety film which successfully passes testing requirements for Australian Standards protocol AS-2208, using steel balls fired at varying speeds upwards to 81 mph. With our accredited Film, you’ll have the added assurance of the highest film durability in the industry and a patented scratch-resistant coating that ensures easy maintenance using conventional window cleaning methods.

We are committed to providing the best quality window safety film, at the most competitive price. with the most complete line in the industry, proven performance features, and specialty product capacity, Sydney tint is the source you need for security film & safety film for windows.


Here are some of the features of our Glass safety films: Superior optical clarity, advanced adhesive formulation, new, innovative safety film for glass with enhanced solar performance properties, exclusive manufacturer-backed warranty, most complete product line in the industry ranging from 2 to 21 mil, distortion-free Security film, superior impact resistance, and certified performance.

Safety Film For Glass

Sydney Tint Solutions exclusively provides and installs the most robust glass safety film available. This film has successfully met the rigorous testing criteria outlined in the Australian Standards protocol AS-2208, which includes subjecting it to steel balls propelled at different velocities reaching up to 81 mph. By opting for our accredited film, you can have peace of mind knowing that it offers unparalleled durability within the industry. Additionally, it features a patented scratch-resistant coating that facilitates simple maintenance through conventional window cleaning techniques.

At Sydney Tint, our dedication lies in offering superior window safety film of the highest quality, while remaining competitively priced. With an extensive range that surpasses others in the industry, demonstrated performance advantages, and a specialization in producing unique products, we are your trusted supplier for security film and window safety film.

These are a few of the characteristics offered by our glass safety films: exceptional transparency, advanced adhesive composition, novel safety film for glass that provides improved solar performance attributes, warranty supported by the manufacturer, comprehensive range of products available in various thicknesses (ranging from 2 to 21 mil), security film without distortion, enhanced resilience against impact, and certified performance.

Ensure the safety of your family or employees by safeguarding them from the hazards posed by glass breakage. Installing Glass Safety Film is essential, especially if your home features older 3mm delicate glass that may shatter upon forceful impact, such as slamming doors or accidental slips on wet tiles near the glass area.

The Security Film Sydney demonstrates remarkable efficacy in impeding an intruder to such an extent that they opt to seek alternative targets before the authorities arrive, owing to their persistent failures in breaking the glass.

If you have any inquiries regarding our safety film for glass, glass frosting film, or office tinting, feel free to reach out to us. We will respond to your queries promptly.

Glass safety film is a variant of window film that is specifically developed to augment the safety and protection of glass surfaces. This specialized film, which can be transparent or shaded, is applied to windows, doors, or other glass panels. The main objective of safety film is to retain fragmented glass in one piece upon shattering, thereby decreasing the potential harm and destruction caused by airborne glass fragments.

Below are a few notable characteristics and advantages of utilizing safety film for glass:

  • Shatterproof characteristics:   The safety film consists of a durable and pliable substance that bonds to the glass surface, aiding in maintaining the integrity of the glass upon fracture. Instead of splintering into sizable and jagged fragments, the film aids in retaining the glass shards together, reducing the potential harm resulting from broken glass.

  • Enhanced resistance to impact: The application of safety film provides an additional shield to the glass, enhancing its durability against various types of impacts. This protective measure aids in mitigating the risk of unintentional breakage caused by objects, extreme weather conditions, or attempted forced entries.

  • UV protection is a key feature of numerous safety films as they effectively block a substantial amount of detrimental UV rays. This can be highly beneficial in diminishing fading and safeguarding interior furnishings, flooring, and artwork from long-term harm caused by extended exposure to UV radiation.
  • Heightened security: The presence of safety film serves as a deterrent to prospective intruders or thieves by impeding their swift access through the glass. By maintaining the integrity of shattered glass, the film impedes their entry, thereby prolonging the time required for unauthorized access and providing an added layer of security.
  • Maintaining privacy and enhancing aesthetics: Safety film has the added advantage of providing tinted or frosted visuals to glass surfaces, thereby offering suitable privacy solutions. This feature proves advantageous in settings such as office spaces, conference rooms, or any area that requires privacy without compromising the inflow of natural light.

It should be emphasized that safety film does not render the glass impervious to damage, but rather reinforces its safety and security attributes. It is strongly advised to have the safety film installed by proficient window film specialists in order to guarantee the correct application and efficacy of the film.

Filming a window with safety film does not result in the transformation of the glass into safety glass. Instead, safety film affords an additional safeguarding layer to the glass without modifying its inherent qualities. The primary objective of safety film is to keep fractured glass intact upon breakage, thereby minimizing the potential harm caused by airborne fragments of glass.

In contrast, safety glass, such as tempered or laminated glass, undergo specialized manufacturing processes to enhance its durability and reduce the likelihood of breakage. Tempered glass is subjected to heat treatment which improves its strength and fractures into smaller fragments that pose lesser risk when shattered. Laminated glass is composed of numerous tiers of glass affixed together with an interlayer of plastic, effectively preserving the integrity of the glass even in the event of fragmentation.

Although safety film can enhance the level of safety and protection provided by glass, it does not alter the fundamental qualities of the glass material. If you necessitate safety glass for particular uses, it is advisable to select glass variants that are deliberately engineered and produced to adhere to established safety regulations.

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