Commercial Window Tinting for Sydney Properties

The Performance of any Glazing System can be significantly advanced by applying the Commercial Window Tinting Sydney Tint Solutions use and recommend. If saving energy and improving overall comfort levels of occupants to achieve a more productive work space is your goal upon installing Office Window Tinting, this is commonly achieved with Air Conditioning, but the Heat will continue to enter through the Glazing, whether its Floor to Ceiling Glass or just sliding windows, the glass is still the area where Heat can Penetrate with little to no resistance.

If reducing Glare on PC screens is also on your list of things to do to keep the staff functioning productively, then you can either shut the blinds (if you have them) all day every day through Summer, or you can select the right Window Film for your application to reduce the glare whilst enabling the blinds to be left open all day.

Sydney Tint Solutions only endorse the most durable Glass Tinting films manufactured in the US specifically to meet our requirements and Australian conditions where many customers have been provided with amazing results, like Suntek window films, ASWF, Hanita  etc

  • First and foremost we will beat any genuine quotation from a reputable company that is presented to us
  • New, natural elegant appearance, many shades and variables available
  • Industry leading Patent pending technology
  • Best solar performance in its class
  • Option of “low reflective” interior appearance
  • Or the maximum performance of “reflective series”
  • New generation office window tinting offers fade and corrosion resistance
  • Faster drying than any “sputtered films” on the market
  • Greater longevity, more advanced UV protection

Not to mention our office window tinting  films have a high return on investment saving your business $$ in energy costs every quarter.

A common issue at the office or workplace in general is the harsh Australian Sun penetrating through the blinds and into the occupied space causing the often inadequate air-conditioning unit to struggle to compete with the Solar Energy in the room.

FACT– Having the blinds shut will not reduce the Solar Energy entering the work place, or the home for that matter, it simply reduces the light from entering which whilst cutting the Glare makes it gloomy and dull.

The Blinds will only reduce the Glare when shut but if you have read anything on “our window films” (whether you believe in it or not) having the curtains open during the day brings in the positive energy, and who doesn’t want positive energy in the work place !

Our Commercial window Tinting film division will come to your office/shop/work place and provide you with a FREE quotation and leave a sample of the recommended tint solution to fit your requirements and budget.

Contact us now and be pleasantly surprised at how our window films fitted to your office can be..



Mobile Window Tinting

Mobile window tinting is much more than just dark windows and you will rarely see a car on the streets without tinting on the glass.  We at Sydney Tint Solutions have decades of experience in the space and are undoubtedly the leading window film installers in the city. Take a look at the benefits of mobile window tinting:

  • It is important to understand that factory-installed glass will not prevent these harmful rays from entering your car and harming your skin/ fading the interiors. When we install the mobile window tinting we use the best and the latest products to ensure that you and a large percentage of the UV rays do not filter in through the glass
  • The current day window film is very technologically advanced and the films we use have special coatings on them, which do not interfere with the different signals such as the ones used by mobile phone, radio, GPS etc. If you go to a mediocre company for tint installation, you might end up getting film that has heavy metal coatings which may interfere with these signals
  • Adding this film to your car windows is a great way of adding privacy to it. Any miscreant or thief will not be able to peer into your vehicle through the windows when it is parked somewhere
  • It also effectively protects the interiors of your car from fading. The sun’s rays can be very harsh and this film provides protection to cloth and leather seat covers and ends up saving you money in the long run
  • Since the tint keeps the interiors of the car much cooler, it does not stress the air conditioner. This means it adds to your comfort levels while you are driving and helps you save on gas mileage too. In addition, it will keep your arms and legs protected from the harsh rays of the sun

Choose the Best

The one thing you must keep in view at all times is that you should always opt for high quality mobile window tinting like the one we provide. Low quality film will crack and peel within a short time and you will have to get it replaced (which will double the cost).  But when you have us handling this job, you will never have to worry about the quality of the products or the installation.

We use the latest products and have the best installers in Sydney on our team and you are always assured of 100% customer satisfaction. Keep yourself and the interiors of your vehicle well protected from the sun, opt for the best mobile tinting in Sydney. Call Sydney Tint Solutions on 02 9541 2723 or contact us via this form.

Essential for Productivity

Today, Office Window Tinting is less of a luxury quotient and more a basic property and Productivity investment for commercial building owners. A large percentage of office buildings are high rises with a lot of glass on their facades, and tend to catch more of the sun’s rays than most.  This makes it crucial for them to have tinted film on them.

The Distinct Benefits

Apart from the fact that it adds to the aesthetics of the building and reduces glare, there are a number of other benefits to having Sydney Tint Solutions install this film on your office windows.

  • Physical Appearance– A window tint can create a very positive impact on the way your building looks. It can make your business look welcoming and sharp or even professional and comforting. This perception that potential clients and customers have, is a very important part of operating any office, large or small
  • Energy Costs– Heating and cooling can be a huge and unavoidable expense for an office. The sun’s rays stream-in through the large glass windows and increase the indoor temperature. Turning up the air conditioning leads to higher energy bills. Adding Commercial Tinting helps in maintaining the temperatures in indoor spaces and helps in reducing air conditioning costs
  • Reduces Glare– When you have tinting on the glass windows in your office; it reduces the glare and makes the space more comfortable to work in. It also helps in reducing distractions as employees are less inclined to look out through dark windows. They are less distracted which ends up increasing their productivity
  • Protect Furnishing– Office spaces have a lot of furnishing, carpeting and furniture and the sun’s UV rays can do a lot of damage to them all. If you want to keep your office looking spruced-up and fresh as opposed to sun bleached and ready for a make over, you will have to ensure that you get these features replaced when they look faded and worn. but when you have film on the glass, this is something you will not have to worry about and you save on replacing them
  • Fresh Image– Tinted Glass windows look amazing on a commercial building, as they do after a home window tinting install, but they can be dust and dirt magnets and window cleaning costs can be significant. Though this is a definite problem with clear glass, when you have our window tint on the glass, the dirt and streaks are less evident and you will not have to get the windows cleaned very often- again, you end up saving money


With more and more offices located in high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, summer can mean too much sunshine for most of them. If your office is the same, then tinting  is something you require. At Sydney Tint Solutions, we are professionals of choice for business-owners across the city who want to benefit from our expertise. With us to give your office windows the tint they require, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Why you need tint at your office

There are many reasons why this can be beneficial to you but the most important of them is that this way, your electricity bills will be lower. How? Well, when the sun shines down on your office, it gets hot and that is when you switch on the air conditioning at full blast. But with our window film, the space will be naturally cooler ensuring that you only have to use your air conditioning sparingly. This is going to drive down your electricity costs by a lot. Also, if there is a lot of glass being used, then tinting the windows is going to keep the glare out, giving your employees the opportunity of working in comfort all day. If you don’t have it, then it is high time you get it done.

Hiring us for your tinting needs is a great idea

That’s right. At our firm, we have more than 35 years of experience in the art of window tinting and thus, you can breathe easy after you have brought us in for a particular project. Offices are much more complicated to do in our profession because there are several things that must be taken into consideration such as hours of work, employee suitability, etc. That is why you need to hire someone who is a true professional. Our mobile service operation is exactly what you need for your purpose and the prices we offer will certainly make you happily surprised. We have the ability to perform all our glass tinting installations to perfection and are known to always use the best quality films which are backed by manufacturer’s warranties. Quality installation every time you call us in; and if there’s a problem, we are more than happy to come and fix it at no extra charge to you.

So call us today for a FREE quote !