Anti Graffiti Film Installation

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Our durable Anti Graffiti Film installation will always save you serious money…

“I would like to thank Steve Russo and the team at Sydney Tint Solutions for introducing Anti Graffiti Film installation to the Windows and Mirrors at Rouse Hill Town Centre in Sydney. The Film has not only flexed its muscle with its strength and durability, it has proven to be a cost effective tool in the fight against graffiti vandalism.
Furthermore, Steve constantly displays professionalism and always provides exceptional customer service.”
The GPT Group
28 July 2009


Clear benefits of Anti Graffiti Film Installation from Sydney Tint Solutions

Resistant to Gauging Helps repel intentional attempts to gauge, deface or destroy surfaces and graphics.

  • The Anti Graffiti Film installation Sydney Tint offer also helps protect from spray painting damage.
  • Acid Etch resistant helps protect the glass, in most cases from permanent damage caused by acid etching.
  • We use extra thick invisible window film which is undetectable to the “graffiti artist”.

Unfortunately, vandalism is a part of our everyday life. Refer to this article in “The Daily Telegrath” some years ago for an estimated cost to society back then. From spray paint graffiti to smash-and-grab burglary, property owners, managers & retail shop-fronts are in a constant battle against this menacing threat. Graffiti vandals cost Australian business owners millions of dollars annually in replacement costs associated with scratched, acid etched glass or paint removal.

Sydney Tint Solutions Glass Protection Film acts as a sacrificial barrier to protect glass from costly damage and high traffic abuse. After an “incident” has occurred, the damaged protection film is removed and a new layer is installed at a fraction of the cost of replacing the expensive glass.

“We have tried and tested all the leading brands of Graffiti Film over the years, like 3M Anti Graffiti Film for mirrors, Llumar Anti Graffiti Film for glass and Vandal Shield to name a few and as a result have managed to source what we believe to be the “strongest and most optically clear” glass protection film we have ever worked with” which compliments our range of Safety/Security and general Solar Control films, providing protection from vandalism, scratching or malicious damage.

Building-tagged-wallsThe Anti Graffiti Film installation price is a little more expensive than conventional Internally applied Solar Control Films, as it’s designed and manufactured to be installed Externally and able to cope with the direct UV,but it most certainly is far cheaper than replacing tagged or etched glass. Usually about 25% of the cost of glass replacement.  It also can be applied to “most” metal surfaces and ideal for use in high pedestrian traffic areas to protect signage, retail shop fronts, public access areas, bus shelters, shopping center balustrades, public transport vehicles, including bus and train windows.

We are fitting this sought after anti graffiti film installation to shopping center bathroom mirrors as etching of these mirrors is rampant.

With removal and replacement of this specialized high-tech film quick and cost effective there’s an added bonus, The film can be applied to finely scratched glass to make the scratches disappear.

If your Glass is continuously costing you a small fortune having to replace it each time it’s Tagged you definitely need more information about our Graffiti Film Application  Service across Sydney Metro, Call now on 02-9541 2723

Replacing glass after an act of vandalism can be heart-breaking. It can cost you a lot of money to replace glass which has been defaced and the mental agony is also something terrible to deal with. But now you don’t have to worry anymore about hooligans going crazy with your car window glass or restaurant mirrors. At Sydney Tint Solutions, we have just what you were looking for. Our Graffiti Protection Film is exactly what you require. Say goodbye to the effects of vandalism and say hello to saving money on new glass for your property!

Reducing property damage costs by utilizing Anti Graffiti Film

That’s right. At our firm, we pride on bringing our customers solutions that are innovative and inexpensive. The Anti Graffiti Film for glass we have is exactly that! With it, you don’t have to worry about hooligans trying to damage your property by writing on your car windows or worse, using spray paint for ‘’art’’. Graffiti is something that we as a society have to deal with every single day. It causes quite a bit in damage every year and the Anti Graffiti Coating for glass will ensure that your property stays damage-free. How? Well, the Film we use at our firm comes with a protective coating that we install over your glass. So when someone defaces it, all we need to do is take off the sacrificial coating and install another one. This ensures that no damage is done to your glass and you have no reason to replace it. And did we say that the film costs a fraction of what a new glass installation is going to cost you?

Durable, clear and removable Glass Protection for Sydney

At our firm, we are happy to say that we have tried and tested most varieties of film available for the purpose. We have arrived at our decision on which the best one is and that is exactly what we are going to use for you too. We have helped many shopping centres install our coating on their mirrors because they are easily damaged by ‘’artists’’. We can do so for your car windows or any space which you feel will benefit from such a film.

Let us come in and get the job done to your satisfaction. Call us at Sydney Tint Solutions today at our phone number 02 9541 2723 or 0414157738 directly with Steve.