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“We would like to thank Steve Russo and his team at Sydney Tint Solutions for introducing anti graffiti film to Rouse Hill Town Centre. The graffiti film has not only flexed muscles with its strength and durability it has proven to be a cost effective tool in our fight against graffiti vandalism. Furthermore Steve constantly displays professionalism and always provides exceptional customer service.”

The GPT Group.
“To whom it may concern, I just wanted to compliment Sydney Tint Solutions for the outstanding job they did on our new office on Crown St, Darlinghurst. They arrived on time and delivered everything they promised. I have no hesitation in calling Steve should we have any jobs in the future.”
Speedo-Aus/NZ, Head Office

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Home Window Tinting

Home Window Tinting

[/fusion_fontawesome] Up-to-date colours and shades

[/fusion_fontawesome]Superior optical clarity-second to none[/fusion_fontawesome]Exclusive water-activated adhesive system[/fusion_fontawesome]All metal or ceramic fade resistant construction[/fusion_fontawesome]Exclusive Lifetime Manufacturer Backed Warranty

Office Window Tinting

Office Window Tinting

[/fusion_fontawesome] Many shades and variables available

[/fusion_fontawesome]Industry leading Patent pending technology[/fusion_fontawesome]Best solar performance in its class[/fusion_fontawesome]Dries faster than other sputtered films[/fusion_fontawesome]Greater longevity and advanced UV protection

Frosted Film

Frosted Film

[/fusion_fontawesome] FREE mobile service

[/fusion_fontawesome]We only use the leading Frosted Vinyls available[/fusion_fontawesome]Unconditional Manufacturer Backed warranty[/fusion_fontawesome]Reliable, Flexible and Affordable Service

Safety & Security Film

Safety & Security Film

[/fusion_fontawesome] Superior optical clairty

[/fusion_fontawesome]Advanced adhesive formulation[/fusion_fontawesome]Distortion free Security film[/fusion_fontawesome]Superior impact resistance[/fusion_fontawesome]Certified performance

Anti-Graffiti Film

Anti-Graffiti Film

[/fusion_fontawesome] Reduces spray painting damage

[/fusion_fontawesome]Acid Etch resistant helps protect the glass[/fusion_fontawesome]Specialising in extra thick invisible Anti Graffiti film

Vehicle Window Tinting

Car Tinting

[/fusion_fontawesome] 4WD’s and Wagons $435

[/fusion_fontawesome]Only $375 for most 4 door sedands & hatches[/fusion_fontawesome]$345 for most 2 door hatches/coupes[/fusion_fontawesome]Single cab Utes $295

What is Tinting and why do you need it ?

Window film or Solar Control Film is traditionally manufactured from polyester based substrates and comprises of many varying levels of quality and performance ability according to how much metal, pigments, ceramics, dyes and ultraviolet inhibitors it contains. It is usually applied to the inside of the glass panel although it is also available for external use for residential and commercial properties. The higher the quality of the window film accompanied by the greater experience the installer has will directly affect how the finished tint looks, performs and lasts.

Should it only be performed by a trained professional ?

Short answer is Yes and No, sure you can go and buy some window film on ebay – jump onto you-tube watch over my shoulder for a bit of guidance and tackle that small window in the back of the shed or the laundry and it will look “ok” (definition of ok= satisfactory but not especially good) And we encourage that, if you feel confident enough to tackle a smaller job yourself, call us and we’ll be happy to briefly explain the process for you so you can save a few dollars.

But if you want an area that you want to look chic for your guests or clients, then i suggest have someone install the solar film with the experience level/workmanship that the area requires, of course then the finished product will have the better result, there’s no question.

commercial-building-window-tinting-sydney-photoIf you allow us to give ourselves a subtle “pat on the back” when you combine 35 years experience in the industry and the ability to access any of the premium window films (i say this because 99% of Tint Suppliers are locked in with one supplier, and this is a problem as not all manufacturers offer a flawless range of Window Films, so we are exclusively offering the widest range of products and suppliers to choose from on the market) PLUS we offer a manufacturer backed warranty with them all, from Suntek Films to 3M to Metamark etc, we have relationships with all the big names.

So effectively we are a “one stop shop” for all your Window Tinting Sydney needs which makes the selection of a specific product to best cater to your needs, a simple process, which can often otherwise be a confusing or frustrating process with other Tinting Service Providers who perhaps just specialise in Car Tinting and don’t do much else.

If you are looking for a cheap Tint job, then sourcing the only US Accredited Master Installer in Sydney may set youmaster-installers-certificate-window-tinting-sydney back a few dollars over of your budget, and like i mentioned earlier that’s absolutely fine, but give us a call anyway and we’ll try and help out any way we can by recommending a reputable window tinter in your area.

If we don’t know anyone in your area thats good enough to recommend, then i suggest you look at window tinting service reviews on google, and look for those with reviews that look “genuine”, there are a few guys in our industry “buying” reviews which is ashame, but we are assured that most astute people will spot the fakes, when you read them.

Are you searching for a premium yet affordable solution to Home Insulation ?

Stop looking, contact us if you’re looking for a manufacturer backed lifetime warranty for as long as you live in your home ? Window film applied to your home costs less than you may think.

In Australia especially, the suns UV rays cause significant damage that can never be reversed. But it can be greatly reduced with the application of a good quality solar film from Sydney Tint Solutions. The window tint we source reduces the strain on air conditioning in our hot Aussie summers therefore reducing your utility bills whilst offering a tough scratch resistant coating for longevity.

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For the Office

Increase comfort, productivity and as a result office efficiency. Our window films can completely transform a buildings exterior and reduce the overall energy consumption internally by reducing the entry of solar energy through the glazing. Our extensive range of solar films have been tested and proven over the many years of installations across Sydney. Read More >

Frosted window film is extremely popular throughout commercial fit-outs and offices due to its affordability when compared to replacing glass. Privacy film as its commonly referred to is perfect for office partitions, bathrooms, entrance doors etc. Read More >

For the Car

Scratch resistant hard coated for long term durability. If a mobile tint service appeals to you this is very sought after as we come to your home or work to provide this service to your car for your convenience at the same fixed price ! We fit-out most car rear windscreens in “one piece” (no unsightly visible joins) and carry out Custom Fitting to all side windows of the vehicle which compliments the finish of your car tinting.

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