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Who We Are | What makes us Unique @ Sydney Tint Solutions…

Sydney Tint Solutions owner Steve Russo, started Window Tinting in Sydney back in 1985…

He is one of the more experienced tinters around with 28 years hands on and held in high regard throughout the industry. Hence he is the only Accredited Master Installer in Sydney which provides peace of mind in this competitive industry. He is extremely passionate about his work, and is fully committed to providing only the very best window film available as quality, affordability and personal service is what has elevated Sydney Tint Solutions to be the number 1 mobile window tinting service in Sydney according to their growing client base.

Pic of Steve Russo.jpgSteve has used many window films through out his 28 years of service and only chooses to buy products from American Manufacturers as this is where the latest technology advanced window films are manufactured. He has developed a direct link and strong relationship with SUNTEK Window Films and is often called on for advice on technical matters with regards to installation.  Sydney Tint also chooses to use and recommend JOHNSONS window films, and 3M frosted range of films as these are all market leaders in their respected product range.

Steve travels to the US as often as time allows to further his product knowledge and stay at the cutting edge of the latest techniques and has acquired a “Master Installers Accreditation” whilst doing so. Steve’s 28 years experience gave the grounding and inspired him to start Sydney Tint Solutions and implement area’s of customer service and a more affordable price structure which weren’t being met elsewhere.  One of which is a FREE mobile service to your door at no additional cost to you, especially popular and convenient for stay at home mums and busy executives with limited spare time to co-ordinate time away from the home or office in Sydney’s increasing traffic to look for a window tinting outlet.

Sydney Tint Solutions has been the preferred supplier for many Government agencies and countless others over the years, below is a snippet of our work-

  • Art Gallery of NSW,
  • Schools,
  • Day Care/child minding centres
  • Tafes,
  • University of NSW & Sydney,
  • NSW Police Dept,
  • Council Chambers,
  • Fox Studio Movie Productions such as Super Man, The Matrix Series, Farscape etc:
  • TV productions,
  • Westfield Group,
  • Woolworths,
  • GPT Group
  • Mirvac Group
  • Tens of thousands of Motor Vehicles,
  • Commercial and Residential Installations too many to list.

Pic of #1 Sydney Tint Solutions Service VehicleExclusively here at Sydney Tint when you call us for Car Home or Office Tinting, the person who comes out to measure up is the same Technician who will carry out the installation. This is another area that separates us from the rest.

At Sydney Tint Solutions We have sourced the very best Window Film available being applied by Master Installers with an unconditional  manufacturer backed Warranty and a FREE Mobile Service to your door all this at a lower cost to you……What are you waiting for?



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