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Frosted Window Film Creating Frosted Glass For Privacy in Sydney Properties

The Frosted Window Film we offer adds a modern “chic” feel to any glass in Sydney and due to our buying power we will beat any genuine quote…

examples-of-opaque-glass-for-the-office.jpgWhy use Frosted Film as opposed to Etched Glass ?Film is permanent if its looked after, but easily removable if required. Etched glass requires messy replacement of glass panels = costly.

Smart Glass is a relatively new technology which involves a specialised Film to be applied which is connected to a low voltage power supply and able to alternate between complete visibility and full privacy at the flick of a switch.

The most important point to remember when having frosted film or equivalent applied by Sydney Tint Solutions is we are the only Tinting outlet to offer all these bonuses below..

  • At Sydney Tint we only use the leading frosted films in the world- we carry 3M Window Film and other top European and American brands
  • Unconditional Manufacturer Backed Warranty on the range of frosted films that Sydney Tint offer, another exclusive to us.
  • Reliable, Flexible and Affordable Service are whats made us Sydney’s leading privacy film supplier.
  • We also fit hundreds of lineal metres of Safety strips for glass every month and are up to speed with the always changing building code requirements.

So if you are after Window Frosting Film for your Sydney premises then we can certainly deliver all this at competitive prices…

frosted-partitioned-office-glass.jpgCall us now for an Obligation FREE quote anywhere in Sydney,  9541 2723

The range of film we offer is ideal if you’re looking for privacy, either for bathrooms or office fit-outs or with glass partitions that are exposed to on looking neighbours.

The obscured glass effect is achieved by installing opaque window film to the pane itself generally on the inside surface of the glass. It can transform ordinary glass into very chic prestige looking examples as seen in the Pics on this page.

The majority of opaque film sydney tint solutions offer is translucent which means light will still enter in the day time, yet from the outside no-one will see in.

We also supply and install “denser” products, so whether its translucent right through to complete block-out films. We carry all the product samples with us at all times and are more than happy to provide you with an “Obligation Free” quote for your situation anywhere in the Sydney greater metro area.

So to recap we retrofit existing glass and interior glass partitions or the inside surface of outdoor facing glass with this opaque film to create privacy and a unique upscale look.

Would you like an obligation FREE quote for the leading brands of frosted glass film we have to offer ?  Remember to show us your genuine quote from another reputable company and we will beat it..

3m-privacy-tint.jpg frosted-for-pool-area.jpgblackout-vinyl-used-for-complete-blockout.jpg

Frosted window tinting is something that can be a wonderful choice for you if privacy and elegance is something you desire. Our frosted films are available in a wide range and we can install any of them depending on which you like. At Sydney Tint Solutions, we have some really great choices on offer when it comes to window tinting and this is just one of them. Our films are all backed by manufacturer’s warranties which ensure that you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Our installation experience of more than 28 years should assure you that we are the professionals you need on the job!

Why Film ?

They are a good idea for anyone who wants privacy. Whether it is an office which needs demarcated spaces for everyone and everything, or bathrooms which have to be protected from foreign eyes, going ‘’frosted’’ makes a lot of sense. If you have a boardroom or meeting room which needs privacy and discretion from the rest of the office space, an Opaque Tint will give it that. They are also an excellent choice for bathrooms. If your office is fitted out with a lot of glass which invites onlookers to look inside, then such an option will be the perfect solution. What’s more, it is a very affordable option when you call us for service.

Choosing us for window frosting film installation is a great idea

At our firm, we pride on being the ideal professionals you need to get the job done. Here are the options you will have for frosted opaque films in Sydney:

  • Opaque window film: This is a great idea for those who want to obscure all viewing from the outside. We are going to fit the film directly on to the glass to achieve this.
  • Translucent film: This is the right solution if you want natural light to enter the space during day time but still want to maintain a modicum of privacy.
  • Dense films: They are what you need if you want to completely block out all light and want total privacy.

At Sydney Tint Solutions, you get great choices at great prices. Since we are a fully-serviced mobile operation, we can arrive on your property at a convenient time and get the job done to your satisfaction. So call us today.



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