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A Decorative effect is easily achieved by simply applying designer film.

Sydney Tint Solutions offer a range of designer decorative film products to create the look we see so much of in commercial and corporate applications. Its extremely popular as office frosting when again privacy is required perhaps along glass walls adjoining offices and board room applications for discretion and or decorative purposes.

A Decorative film effect can be the subtle and stylish solution for your glass applications.  The scratch-resistant coating ensures long-lasting beauty and easy maintenance.

We install and carry opaque films from a Company Logo Digitally Embossed onto frosted obscured film through to “Rice paper” decorative appearances.

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Our decorative window films are all you need to create the right ambience

The right kind of ambience is what most people want to achieve in their offices and commercial establishments. It is what separates a business from its competitors and makes more people come in and see what it is all about. Our decorative window films are all you need to make sure that your space looks great every day. It is an affordable way to add a touch of elegance to a commonplace area. The designer decorative window films we use ensure that the space you want them for ends up looking elegant and classy.

A subtle and stylish solution to your need for privacy

Offices and commercial establishments have a need for privacy that a residential space does not. Whether it is a boardroom, a meeting room or an area where your employees relax and let their feet down, the need for privacy is high in most kinds of office spaces. But now you don’t need to go for expensive solutions anymore because our decorative window films are all you need. At Sydney Tint Solutions, you don’t really need anything else for privacy. When we are done, you and your staff will be able to enjoy all the privacy you need in a discreet way. Needless to say, our window films are high on the decorative factor as well.

Elegance at your fingertips

Our window film installation is the last word in elegance. They are available in a variety of styles and prices and we get them installed in the best way possible. Our experience in this industry of 28 long years have taught us all we need to know about making sure that every project we are called on for is done to the clients’ satisfaction. All the films we install come with manufacturer’s warranties which we are happy to pass on to our loyal clients.

Why choose us for decorative window film installation?

At Sydney Tint Solutions, we know that we are the best choice when it comes to window film installation. Here are the reasons why hiring us is a great idea.

  • Affordable prices
  • Mobile service operations
  • Perfect solution for offices, commercial establishments and homes which require privacy and elegance woven together
  • High competence and professionalism
  • Experience of over 28 years

So if you are looking to give your office space the kind of look you see in movies, call us at Sydney Tint Solutions today!

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